Travel as Therapy

travel therapyA long known benefit of travel is its therapeutic qualities. We travel because it is fun, but many do not know just how beneficial a break from the norm in order to have new experiences is. When we travel for pleasure, we reset our biological rhythm, rebalance our body chemistry and refresh ourselves in body, mind and soul. This makes travel an essential form of stress management. Travel for pleasure provides us with the relaxation and invigoration that our minds and bodies need in order to cope with stress. There are times when it is better to face stress down and deal with it, like in the instance of a major catastrophe that needs remedying. But particularly for long term, ongoing stress, such as that of a job with heavy expectations, travel is not just a luxury, it is a necessity.

Travel works as a biological clock reset when done properly. A real vacation involves not bringing stress with you and being fully present in the moment. This is what facilitates true relaxation and recuperation. By separating yourself from your obligations, you get in touch with parts of yourself that you push aside in order to be responsible. You allow your sleep rhythms to be uninterrupted. Essentially, you return to a very natural state of existence.

Because travel is immensely enjoyable, it does wonders for your brain chemistry. Being in a state of happiness allows our brains to create endorphins and dopamine which boost our immune systems and help our circulation. Travel is a time of recreation that has been found to effect the brain in this way. By taking the time to be carefree and spontaneous, as well as choosing events that interest you, you are allowing your brain the kind of activity that it craves and returning it to a healthy, natural state.

There is such a thing as a vacation that can go disastrously wrong as well, which is obviously not therapeutic or restorative. But the average vacation is hard to mess up. If all else fails, it is still something different, which breaks tired cycles of thinking to give a person fresh experiences. The average vacation is very good for a person.

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