Traveling has been discovered and observed to relieve stress and boost the mental health of anyone that engages in it. It can take you out of your day-to-day routine, into the new surroundings, and reset your body. The therapeutic effect of traveling, in a good way, is not only a one-time thing, it changes you […]


The Eiffel tower is the symbol of France and one of the most significant places that pop into your head when you think of France. Here are some of the reasons why you should plan a vacation to France; GREAT FOOD. The French are widely known for their variety of cuisines like cheese, baguettes, macarons, […]

Mental Dependence VS. Physical Dependence

In order to understand the difference between mental dependence and physical dependence, one must first understand two terms being; dependence and addiction. Dependence is defined as “an adaptive state that develops from repeated drug administration, and which results in withdrawal upon cessation of drug use.” whereas addiction is “marked by a change in behavior caused […]

The Best Festivals To Attend In France

Many of people have been out of the country multiple times in their life, while others have a bucket list of places that they have yet to go. But, no matter whether they travel by choice, are forced to travel for work, and/or are waiting to travel, a wide range of individuals have particular dream […]

Travel to France to Unwind

If you are looking for the ingredients for the perfect vacation, look no further than a trip through the French countryside. Nothing could be more relaxing than entering into this European nation where the pace of life is more calm and easy going than it is in North America. In France, you will encounter everything […]

Travel as Therapy

A long known benefit of travel is its therapeutic qualities. We travel because it is fun, but many do not know just how beneficial a break from the norm in order to have new experiences is. When we travel for pleasure, we reset our biological rhythm, rebalance our body chemistry and refresh ourselves in body, […]

Escape from Stress

Managing your stress is critical to your health. Everyone experiences stress in different levels and for different reasons. Every stage of life can contain stress factors, from the adverse experiences one has in adolescence to the job, school and family related stress factors of adulthood. Some people choose to work with stress and lean into […]

Experience a Different Pace of Life in France

The pace of life in North America can be very hectic compared to other regions. Being overworked and extended beyond our means can lead to intense stress, which can lead to nervous breakdowns, substance abuse or a generally negative outlook on life. A change of pace can do a stressed out individual a lot of […]